Wednesday, 14 December 2011

X-Mas Wishlist - Glitter Shoes

Merry - Almost - Christmas!

And what a perfect time of year to try on and buy a pair
of Glitter shoes!

Although they have been seen in stores for a few years now (mostly
only worn by those who dance around poles or if you needed a funky
pair of heels for a Halloween Costume) these Christmas Glitter
shoes, pumps or heels, are trending BIG time!

The perfect thing to wear to your fancy shin-dig X-Mas bash,
don't be afraid to look glamorous or feel slightly like
you want to tap your heels and sing "there's no place like home"...

A perfect buy as you'll ALWAYS find SOME event to 
wear these to in the future... even if it is just for Halloween ;)
( P.S. I spotted  a few gorgeous pairs in YDE...)

If you don't feel AS daring, find shoes that
perhaps aren't TOALLY glitter like these:

Otherwise go full tilt! Why not :)
I think these shoes are glam and fun and will make you
feel like a sparkly fairy princess!!!

Merry Merry everyone!


  1. You´re so right.. christamas is the glittery season! Love the black miu miu´s. Hope Santa is reading this blog ;) ahhaha


  2. I LOVE that first pair! The coral color paired with silver glitter, plus the shape! It's all amazing!


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