Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

So I'm going on Holiday tomorrow! Probably won't be posting till the new year,
so until then, have a fancy ass beautiful fun filled
lovely Christmas and New Year

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

X-Mas Wishlist - Glitter Shoes

Merry - Almost - Christmas!

And what a perfect time of year to try on and buy a pair
of Glitter shoes!

Although they have been seen in stores for a few years now (mostly
only worn by those who dance around poles or if you needed a funky
pair of heels for a Halloween Costume) these Christmas Glitter
shoes, pumps or heels, are trending BIG time!

The perfect thing to wear to your fancy shin-dig X-Mas bash,
don't be afraid to look glamorous or feel slightly like
you want to tap your heels and sing "there's no place like home"...

A perfect buy as you'll ALWAYS find SOME event to 
wear these to in the future... even if it is just for Halloween ;)
( P.S. I spotted  a few gorgeous pairs in YDE...)

If you don't feel AS daring, find shoes that
perhaps aren't TOALLY glitter like these:

Otherwise go full tilt! Why not :)
I think these shoes are glam and fun and will make you
feel like a sparkly fairy princess!!!

Merry Merry everyone!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Happy Weekend... with McQ

Spring.Summer 2012

Cheers to the freaking weekend...
and here's some of my fav bits from the MCQ Spring/Summer 2012
collection... be inspired and love!


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mungo & Jemima - Cape Town's heart-throb shop!

It really makes my heart warm when you see
amazing local successes such as Mungo & Jemima...

One of Cape Town's most gorgeous fashion stores.

Started by Marian Park-Ross and Kirsty Bannerman with
their first shop in Long Street (Cape Town), this little
business has grown with great popularity amongst the boutique-lovers
of our little city and now you can find them nestled in another new little
home in Claremont!

The idea for Mungo and Jemima is to provide local
South African designers a platform with which to 
sell their garments and designs to their fashion hungry clientelle.
Mungo and Jemima have a definite style, and the layout and design of
their shops demonstrates this beautifully...

** These images borrowed from www.ifashion.co.za
South Africa's number 1 little online fashion hub <3
So, slightly stuck on where to shop and what
to wear for this summer?

Mungo and Jemima is a MUST-VISIT, and besides,
not only are you going to be kitted out in beautiful garments
that fit perfectly and feel amazing, but you'll be supporting
our local South African fashion industry!

Below are a few snippets taken from their
Summer 2010/11 Lookbook from the

I absolutely love the soft fabrics, the pops of colour
and the general
Secret-(Tropical)-Garden-esque aesthetics
captured in the images.

Welcome to Summer Cape Town ;)

Love, Enjoy and Share!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ohsococo - Vintage French Inspired Swimwear Shoot

So as you all may have noticed by now, vintage swimwear 
is trending huge this Summer. Details to look out for include:

Ditzy florals, high-waisted swim suits, full pieces, 
polka dots, frills and embellishments etc etc.
Basically anything romantic, dreamy or 
slightly over-the-top.

Apart from a few labels who have been giving their
South African customers this delightful new treat of a trend, there are 
no definite labels in which to grab these specifics.
Luckily, very soon, there is to be a killer local swimwear label
for all of you who are dying for more of this style.
Although the name is still to be announced, 
below are some of the test shoot images I took for her
in order to capture the essence of this one-of-a-kind
conceptual Marie Antoinette slash queen of the world brand.

Feed back is ALWAYS welcome, 
we'd love to see what your thoughts are :)

Below are just my favs from our shoot,
but feel free to go to my
to see the rest! 
(Link on the left hand side of my blog...)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

for making me one of her fav bloggers, and
for awarding me with this award :)

Be sure to check our her blog!


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

NEW pics up on my Flickr!

Good morning people!
There are new pics up on my Flickr....
the link is on the left hand side of this page! Go check it out...

Have a great one!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Festival Series 2 - Sunnies

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on my blog :(
Unfortunately being sick and busy at work doesn't make it very easy...

But as I keep saying, summer is on the way, and each day 
gets a little warmer!
Episode Two of my festival series introduces yet
another must-have item for our awesome
Cape Town music fests... Sunnies!

Retro shapes of all sorts seems to be here to stay,
whether its aviators you love or
the massive half-face-covering sunnies you adore,
anything seems to be going this summer.

One style, however, is definitely dominating the scene
this spring:

The Cat Eye Sunglasses

Mainly popular due to their stick-out style of being flared
out where the arms join the main frame, these babies havent changed
much from the 50's and 60's when they were most popular, however
there are a few renditions of this style for the less-daring
cat eye lover...

I absolutely love this style!
It's elegant, alluring, nostalgic and will definately
get one noticed in a crowd!

Below are my favourite pair are from Miu Miu (oh of course!)
I love how the cat eye style is very softly represented here and wont be
too striking or heavy on the face:

Some others from Miu Miu (Go to their site now!! Best eyewear for Summer 2011 ever!)

I think the main thing in terms of eyewear this summer is to have fun with
new trends and to be a bit more daring with your choices :)

After all, that's what fashion is for!


Monday, 12 September 2011

Festival Series 1 - Denim Shorts

YES! Summer time means
(if you're from South Africa)
some of the world's best music festivals and trance parties around!
Think hot-as-hell weather, best friends, awesome music... aah. CANT WAIT!

So this is the first episode of my new "Festival Series", in which
I will be posting the hottest and trendiest must-haves
for Summer 11 in Cape Town, South Africa.

So to start with, a pretty basic and obvious trend (and of course timeless)
The Denim Shorts

This season is seeing more of a high-waisted thing going on,
with ripped or raw edges and pockets sticking out the 
bottom seems to be how it should be done this summer. 

Pair this with pretty much anything, as well
as that free-spirited indie-rock chick attitude 
(see pics below for more inspiration)
But remember to find a style that
suits your body type.... always important!

So must-have-festival item number one! Go go go!
Look out for my next episode coming soon!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Blouse... Get one!

Want something posh, mod and light for a trendy summer look?
This is my new fav item, and I will
be keeping a sharp eye out in the shops
for one of these.. or two... or five :)

Bringing in everyone's new love of see-through
clothing with a granny-core styled blouse, this
item of clothing should be paired with skinnies or cute denim shorts
to give it a more casual look, or
tucked into a cute high-waisted skirt for something more
formal and sexy. Really, do what
you like with this!

Look out for interesting patterns and
bold, spicy or pastel colours... And detailed
necklines, collars, contrasting cuffs and ties and of course buttons!

The ones below are all from Urban Outfitters,
and can be viewed over here!

Have fun with this!


Monday, 15 August 2011

Trinket - Local Designer Brooches

I absolutely LOVE seeing beautiful
things coming out of SA that I haven't seen anywhere
else before.
Trinket Designer Brooches
is just that.
So this is just a quick entry to share with you
these delightful little contemporary brooches.
Below are a few of my fav!! I think there are a few great
ones for the guys too, to either attach to your
jeans or shorts or cardigans this coming spring? 
yes :)
You can find them
(if you're from the cape) in Long Street
at either MeMeMe or Mungo & Jemima! For elsewhere
in SA, check out their site...
over here!
enjoy kids!


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