Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Alexandra Grecco on Etsy


for great one-of-a-kind small fashion labels such as

Alexandra Grecco


I'm sure most of you have heard of Etsy before;
an incredibly fast-growing website that serves
as a platform to provide online users a market where they can
browse and buy second hand, home-made and vintage crafts,
fashions and goods of all sorts.

This E-Bay slash DIY movement has provided many people
with not just a fun way to sell their products and have 
an online presence, but it has allowed certain users
to overcome the recession and pretty much
be their own boss!

Since 2005 when Etsy started, there has been a boom
of hobbyists on the site all wanting to showcase
and ultimately sell their products, whether it be
eight dollar crochet mug cozies or beautifully
constructed dreamy garments such as that of

 Alexandra Grecco fills the gap for a real
vintage dream-like detailed and unique fashion brand.
From capes to bow hair clips, this little label delivers!
I especially LOVE the scalloped mesh blouse
and her pleated blouse

go to the Alexandra Grecco Etsy page over here to see more


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