Monday, 8 August 2011

Swimwear 2011 - start looking out!

  With summer stock now on shelves and in store,
it is time to start hunting for "The One"

(THAT swim suit that will carry you, and your lovely bits, all through summer!)

Obviously one should keep in mind not only body shape and 
what bests suits yours, but above that comfort.
I still maintain that no matter what you look like, confidence is key,
and if you're on a beach, in a bikini and feeling uncomfortable,
it'll show more than your skin! So make sure
your suit fits you well and that you're happy to prance
around in it all day (at the beach, or down the street. 
What ever floats your boat!)
Right, now, trends to keep an eye out for?

1. Prints - following from Winter through to Summer, look out
for ditzy, cute floral prints! Stripes as well as polka dots
are still very much alive, so look out for those too...
(as well as photographic prints! Unusual I won't lie, difficult to
pull off and hard to get right...)

2. Full Piece - Vintage has spilt its loveliness
all over summer this year, and (even though it was noticed for
summer 10) is making a big wave in stores, from high-waisted bikinis
to boob-tubed full pieces! And NO, these aren't only for curvy
girls. I think they are way cute and suit almost everyone...
And there's little risk of feeling uncomfortable in one of these babies.
Now who said less is more...?

3. Undies? Swimsuit? - Yes, there is this now
very fine line between lingerie and a bikini... for the more
fashion forward individual. With a VERY close relation to its undie/bra siblings,
these swimsuits are pretty big for this summer, and perhaps even provide more support with
the under wires favorable to this style? Noticed by its rounded cups, frills and lacey

4. Embellishments - Whether it be little bows,
ties, ribbon, lacey pieces, studs, iron-ons, original stitching... swimwear is seeming to
concentrate more now on interesting little details to bring
the garment alive! Look out for original pieces with cute little details
to really bring attention

As with all seasonal trends, lots stay and lots go. The above are only 4 of my favourite 
swimwear trends for Summer 11, and below are some of my
favourite finds which encompass the above trends.




  1. I LOVE high waisted bikinis. I have never really liked or worn bikinis, but I will only wear those. Vintage style is so modest and sexy :) xoxo

  2. Some great picks. I like the vintage style of these bathing suits, so feminine.


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