Thursday, 25 August 2011

Blouse... Get one!

Want something posh, mod and light for a trendy summer look?
This is my new fav item, and I will
be keeping a sharp eye out in the shops
for one of these.. or two... or five :)

Bringing in everyone's new love of see-through
clothing with a granny-core styled blouse, this
item of clothing should be paired with skinnies or cute denim shorts
to give it a more casual look, or
tucked into a cute high-waisted skirt for something more
formal and sexy. Really, do what
you like with this!

Look out for interesting patterns and
bold, spicy or pastel colours... And detailed
necklines, collars, contrasting cuffs and ties and of course buttons!

The ones below are all from Urban Outfitters,
and can be viewed over here!

Have fun with this!



  1. i love the first one and the peachy printed one! this reminds me how my mother had a bunch of silky sheer blouses from the 80s and 90s a year ago and we donated them all to goodwill :(

  2. aaah! Well at least some one else is enjoying the sheer silky blousy goodness :)


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