Monday, 12 September 2011

Festival Series 1 - Denim Shorts

YES! Summer time means
(if you're from South Africa)
some of the world's best music festivals and trance parties around!
Think hot-as-hell weather, best friends, awesome music... aah. CANT WAIT!

So this is the first episode of my new "Festival Series", in which
I will be posting the hottest and trendiest must-haves
for Summer 11 in Cape Town, South Africa.

So to start with, a pretty basic and obvious trend (and of course timeless)
The Denim Shorts

This season is seeing more of a high-waisted thing going on,
with ripped or raw edges and pockets sticking out the 
bottom seems to be how it should be done this summer. 

Pair this with pretty much anything, as well
as that free-spirited indie-rock chick attitude 
(see pics below for more inspiration)
But remember to find a style that
suits your body type.... always important!

So must-have-festival item number one! Go go go!
Look out for my next episode coming soon!


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