Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mungo & Jemima - Cape Town's heart-throb shop!

It really makes my heart warm when you see
amazing local successes such as Mungo & Jemima...

One of Cape Town's most gorgeous fashion stores.

Started by Marian Park-Ross and Kirsty Bannerman with
their first shop in Long Street (Cape Town), this little
business has grown with great popularity amongst the boutique-lovers
of our little city and now you can find them nestled in another new little
home in Claremont!

The idea for Mungo and Jemima is to provide local
South African designers a platform with which to 
sell their garments and designs to their fashion hungry clientelle.
Mungo and Jemima have a definite style, and the layout and design of
their shops demonstrates this beautifully...

** These images borrowed from
South Africa's number 1 little online fashion hub <3
So, slightly stuck on where to shop and what
to wear for this summer?

Mungo and Jemima is a MUST-VISIT, and besides,
not only are you going to be kitted out in beautiful garments
that fit perfectly and feel amazing, but you'll be supporting
our local South African fashion industry!

Below are a few snippets taken from their
Summer 2010/11 Lookbook from the

I absolutely love the soft fabrics, the pops of colour
and the general
Secret-(Tropical)-Garden-esque aesthetics
captured in the images.

Welcome to Summer Cape Town ;)

Love, Enjoy and Share!


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