Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ohsococo - Vintage French Inspired Swimwear Shoot

So as you all may have noticed by now, vintage swimwear 
is trending huge this Summer. Details to look out for include:

Ditzy florals, high-waisted swim suits, full pieces, 
polka dots, frills and embellishments etc etc.
Basically anything romantic, dreamy or 
slightly over-the-top.

Apart from a few labels who have been giving their
South African customers this delightful new treat of a trend, there are 
no definite labels in which to grab these specifics.
Luckily, very soon, there is to be a killer local swimwear label
for all of you who are dying for more of this style.
Although the name is still to be announced, 
below are some of the test shoot images I took for her
in order to capture the essence of this one-of-a-kind
conceptual Marie Antoinette slash queen of the world brand.

Feed back is ALWAYS welcome, 
we'd love to see what your thoughts are :)

Below are just my favs from our shoot,
but feel free to go to my
to see the rest! 
(Link on the left hand side of my blog...)

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