Thursday, 19 April 2012

All That Skirt!

Longer Length Skirts...

.... seem to be pretty trending at the moment.
I personally think they are great!

I've never been one for Maxi-length dresses,
especially when they first came into trend,
I couldn't shake the feeling of looking
like a school-teacher... and not the sexy kind.

Then the styles and prints got more creative,
and I totally fell in love.

Now I've defiantly mostly been one to choose
a skirt and top over a dress, so now that longer-length
skirts are in, I'm hooked and dying to find one!!!

interesting materials like chiffon, lace etc
variations in the hemlines like:
uneven hems
tulip hems etc.

I love the look of a high-waisted, uneven hemmed
skirt with a slouchy tee or thin sexy vest... Definitely
an item you can carry across into Winter too :)

Jade, my babe, this one's for us!!!!
You know what I mean ;)




  1. I love how these skirts look. I just don't think I could ever pull them off. :)

  2. love your skirt ........ follo back me in


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