Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Love - Elizabeth Olsen for Glamour 2012

Elizabeth Olsen...


... the middle sibling of the Olsen Siblings,
born in 1989 Elizabeth has already starred in
a few movies and is set to be in a film with (my fav)
Dakota Fanning called "Very Good Girls" planned
to be released in 2013... Definitely one to watch out for!

So I guess the allure of this new star
is not only the fact that she is so young and looks 
years above what she should with her natural grace
and poise, but she carries the gorgeous features
of that of her twin siblings, whom the world 
all love and adore...

Her first cover shoot was for Nylon in 2011:

 ... and last month she graced the cover of Glamour Magazine UK.

Want a cute little quote?

"I've always borrowed from my sisters, but more now as I have more occasions to go to. They've promised to make me a dress if I get to go to any huge award shows this season."

... We're going to have to see if her film choices
bring her awards in the future... but if the twins are anything to
go by, Elizabeth should soon be 
creating extraordinary things...

Check out the stills from the Glamour insert.

LOVE this girl!



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