Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Beyond Buckskin - Native American / Tribal Fashion

Techno Tribal in Fashion.

What does this mean to you?

There has been a large amount of debate around this recently, and even a few unmentioned
world class fashion brands have been caught up in law suits due to this new trend. But where did
this all start?

To get a good idea of as to why the human race seems to 
obsess over anything Native American or "primitive", a great book to read
is "Gone Primitive: Savage Intellects, Modern Lives" by Marianna Torgovnick.
In this book Torgovnick suggests that this type of "tribal fashion" was mostly
born in the 30's, where people of High Society and Fashion would
collect "native" trinkets and decorate themselves and their homes
with them, and she also has a detailed look into
the use of the "primitive in pop culture".

[[Book found here!]]

In 2009, and largely in 2010 there was a world wide flood of anything
"native" or "tribal" into almost every store. 

Think ethnic prints, feathers, dreamcatchers, beads, browns and spicey colours paired with studs and leathery fringy bits and bobs...

Of course this fashion is completely influenced by the Western World's 
stereo-types of these "native tribes" as well as silly fantasies around this theme.

Many may argue that this new trend is purely inspired and even "celebrating"
historical cultures. I think there is a FINE LINE between appreciation and complete
exploitation of anything in Art and Fashion...

What are your thoughts?

Luckily I wont be caught up in this world-wide debate, as I
don't like this trend AT all, 
and if I see any feather printed, lumo
tribal-like print in store, I make a run and dive for the door!

Leave comments and let me know your thoughts!



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