Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Help - 10 Gorgeous Dresses!

I often think back and say to myself
"If I could live in any era, which would I choose?"
I change my mind constantly, but after watching The Help (2011)
a couple of days ago, I got totally inspired by the late 50's to early 60's 
fashion again... sigh!

I think that the lifestyle of these ladies really
romanticizes these dresses... All I want to do is put one of these babies
on and bake a pie for my husband and kids (yes, the housewife
in me is totally coming out right now!)

I love everything about this style. From the conservative high necklines, to the
washes of pastels, bright and bold floral prints,
"poofey" like skirts, high-waisted details, I think
this style is bright, young and fun, and am VERY happy that 
these dresses haven't gone out of style!

Has the most BEAUTIFUL collection of apparel. 
But I spotted and particularly LOVED these dresses, which look
like they could have been used for the styling of The Help...

So if you love this style, this is a great website to go purchase
your little dress from, otherwise look at the style,
colours, prints and details below and look out
for your very own 50's dress :)

Go look at Modcloth's website over here!

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