Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Monthly Frame - Jan 2012

Hi guys,

Welcome to my new insert:

In this space I'll be  posting up a new pair of frames each month, 
courtesy of Pro

 Whether you need specs or not, it's pretty clear
that wearing a hot pair of frames has, in the past few years,
become an easy way to add style and sophistication to any outfit...
The first pair I'm blogging about is a standard win every time:
Everyday neat black frames.
 I've chosen this pair, as this sort of shape literally suits
everyone who tries them on. To avoid looking too heavy on the face,
it's a nice idea to look for frames that have pretty detailing but that still allows
your frames to be your standard black beauty (Kind of like
that little-black-number every girl should have in her closet). 
On these frames, there is clear plastic on the inside
and top and bottom, which doesn't make them too
"thick" and heavy on the face. Like I said, a perfect win with this pair!

You can order them online here!

Until Next Month... :)


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