Tuesday, 31 January 2012

SAG Awards 2012 - Hair Trend

Braids and Plaits


seem to be quite popular at this years SAG awards.
Never mind the amazing dresses, what caught me was this
little lovely girly hair trend that was seen on a few of the famous faces...

To best create this vintage look, try not wash your hair for
a day or two if you can stretch it that far, as then your plaits will be
less "frizzy" and will hold nicely in place! Also,
if you're feeling like royalty like the ladies below, twist it around
your head to create a crown-like effect... there really is a million
different things you can do with your hair and plaits providing,
of course, that you have the length to do it!

But if not, fear not, there are plenty of shops that 
sell hair pieces that can give you the same look :)


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