Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jean Paul's Loving Amy Winehouse

Jean Paul Gaultier:
Spring/Summer 2012

Yesterday afternoon Jean Paul gave a beautiful, loving
tribute to our late and dear friend Amy Winehouse in his
Spring/Summer 2012 haute couture show.

The looks held names such as:
Brit Award
Victoria's Secret In My Bag
Love is a Loosing Game 

The models were adorned with Amy's signature 
Bee Hive Do, in a beautiful array of colours, 
as well as her thick flicked-up
eyeliner and highest of high heels.

And obviously the garments all held Jean Paul's
eccentric Frenchman aesthetic and detailing... mixed with Amy's iconic
Rockabilly Camden-minx vibe...

The clothing is stunning, as always,
and I think the mix of these two really made for an amazingly
original and exciting show!!

If you love Amy, and couture... this would have been
your show! I'd LOVE to know what Amy is thinking about this right now...

Check out the pics below and enjoy ;)



  1. I hadn't seen these pics yet, but I LOVE this collection! Especially the first one you showed (and those SHOES!!).

    I think it's a lovely tribute to her spirit.

    1. Yeah I love how he's taken her style and "haute-coutured" it up!!! Really beautiful pieces
      :) Thanks for the comment! xx

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Following you too! I was just reading an article on this - turns out her father is not impressed! I think the clothes are great :)


    1. Oh dear... I wonder why though? Amy really took her style into her own hands and had her own iconic look... And one of the worlds biggest designers took that and molded his fashion and entire show around it. I wonder if maybe her father feels like his little girl is being exploited? Pity cos it's one of the best runways I've seen in a while!! :)


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