Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New books for Me!

I absolutely LOVE getting new books!

The most anticipated one being Mark Ryden's 
The Tree Show.

1. LOOK AT ME --> by Jennifer Egan

This book  is about a fashion model, Charlotte, who gets thrown by a horrific face-altering car accident. This book is both dark and daring... a definite tip-up of American culture.

1. THE BOOK THIEF --> by Markus Zusak

I simply couldn't resist this romantically dark looking cover design, and if any book has won awards and you've heard it been mentioned in more than one conversation before, you know it's going to be worth it! Set in WW2, Germany, and narrated by Death himself, this book follows the life of a young girl, her family and neighbors during the escalation of WW2. After the first few pages you know immediately that this isn't an ordinary book at all! Cant WAIT to read!

1. THE TREE SHOW --> by Mark Ryden

Love art and anything creepy-cute and want a fantastic coffee table book? Mark Ryden has plenty to choose from! This little beauty arrived at my door last week, and it's absolutely amazing. High res beautifully printed pictures of Mark's sculptures, paintings and drawings for his "Tree Show" exhibition bounce off the page to steal your imagination!  Go here to check out more of his alluring art!


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