Monday, 25 July 2011

Amy Winehouse

On Saturday 23rd July the world lost one more
amazingly creative and beautiful person
and one of my favourite artists...

Apparently her record label are thinking of releasing her album with
what ever has been finished, so even if it is only a few
songs, im sure all her fans would die to own it!

Amy wasn't only a talented singer, but a fashion trend setter too,
and was hugely successful with her range for Fred Perry last year...
you can see a few of the items on sale on their site here!

 Amy had been wearing Fred Perry
for years and it only seemed fit
for her to create her very own
uniquely AMY range for them.

Apparently Fred Perry were
happy to report that Amy had a great
hands-on approach to her range
and was invovled in everything
from choosing colour palettes to fabrics 
and styles...

Amy told Glamour Magazine (UK):

"The collection I've done is so classic, because their style and my style are pretty much the same. Fred Perry is my be all and end all. I've always loved it, always worn it, and it feels like a living dream." 

no matter her faults, it cannot be argued that
amy was an incredibly talented and interesting person...

sad moment indeed.


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