Monday, 18 July 2011

The Peter Pan Collar

Trend Alert!

As i have, i'm sure you've all started noticing these 
delightful little collars slowly creeping their way back into fashion...

but where did this cute-as-a-button design come from?

popular for its rounded edges (usually worn with a bow or some sort of tie) 
this collar became popular with little boys again in 1904 when the film hit theaters,
as they all wanted to dress like their fairy tale hero! However, 
"the peter pan collar" 
(which, by the way Disney changed to a sharp V-neck for the 
film adaptation of J.M Barrie's classic)
was formally known as 
"The Little Lord Fauntleroy suit collar" in the 19th century and
was usually made of delicate late and almost always worn with a bow.

Soon after this the collar made its way into young girls' school uniforms,
and was popular as the design was soft, feminine and modest...

Now with the recent revival of classic vintage styles, the
peter pan collar has made its comeback for female apparel
(please please let me know if you see any mens designs with this collar,
i have yet to come across any and would be interested to see some!)

below are some examples from Topshop: 

Take note how the collar really hasn't changed all that much...

all the more vintage for us <3




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