Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Romeo & Juliet film causes fuss

Good morning all!

So this post is going to include TWO interesting pieces in one... 
firstly let's talk about the new 
Romeo and Juliet film that's set to release in 2012...  

and WHO are the star crossed lovers this time?
None other than Hailee Steinfeld (the new face of Miu Miu) & Douglas Booth (who
was seen in the Burberry campaign ads next to my fav. Emma Watson 
in 2009)

**  ALSO to be in the film is our fav Upper East Sider Ed Westwick as Tybalt (Juliet's cousin) **

So what's making this new flick so controversial? Hailee and Douglas are apparently gearing
up to bear all for the camera, being only 14 & 19 respectively... Personally 
I don't see a real problem with this... do you? I think alot worse can be put in a film...
*mind starts thinking back to the human centipede... yes. i watched that! lol*

And speaking of  :


(which you can go to over here)
do youself a favour and go check out their F/W 2011 campaign!
as mentioned in a previous blog, i am loving my "granny-core" at the moment, and Miu Miu
have some gorgeous pieces in their collection, including a to-die-for 
glamour nana knitting bag, as well as old school pretty sunnies and lots
of browns, peaches and beiges... LOVE!!



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  1. Just checked out the Miu Miu collection and I love it!!! Gorgeous pieces :)


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