Monday, 18 July 2011

Cape Town Fashion Week 2011

hello monday!

and what an amazing saturday evening I spent with four friends at 
CT Fashion week
if you're into fashion and have never been before i seriously recommend 
making a visit next time!
all in all i was very impressed with the set out of the whole show, 
everything was very professionally put together and everyone who attended looked stunning :)

** not to forget to mention our incredible 
cotton candy bubbling smoking cocktails... 
definately a HUGE WIN with the girls! --> note to self: hunt that recipe!

Unfortunately I wasn't sure whether I was allowed to take along my cam or not, 
so decided to leave it at home... 
otherwise I would've had some amazing shots to post! 
... next time definately!

Stefania Morland's show stood out the most for me 
What was pretty unique about her show was that she had a model walk on near the end, 
wearing this soft flowing fantasy-like ball gown and 
beautiful deer-like twig headdress with little birds on the branches,
trail held by another girl, and once she reached the center she started to sing... 
The entire audience was captivated!

For me the best outfits were modeled for Thula Sindi. His garments just "popped" for me. 
Of all the designers I saw he was the first to bring in detailed prints. 
His collection included beige, browns and nudes paired with lots of 
shimmery gold bits and accessories and frills. 
The entire collection was very "blingy" yet sophisticated and fun! 
Below is a vid of his set... filmed on my blackberry so not the BEST quality, 
but it'll give you an idea of the atmosphere at fashion week :) 

So I was lucky enough to see five designers:


There were quite a few similarities between each lable, 
although each and every one held their own space on the runway. 

Trends and styles that were seen across all designer lables included:

a rather sombre and natural colour palette, with splashes of bright and spicy colours 
(Gold, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Cerise... all very bold).  
Lots of tiered ( layered) dresses, tops and skirts. 
"See-through" garments were pretty evident.
A lot of satin garments and/or trims.
A few garments with geometric patterns contrasted 
against soft and flowing fabrics.

All in all, each designer carried through some sort of South African feel, 
and watching all of these amazing 
outfits file past me really made me appreciate our local talent.
The models seemed comfortable in most of the garments and every piece seemed
to flow through the air and had great movement, attention to detail and colour. 
Must say, I was extremely impressed!

We really do live in a beautifully talented country!

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