Monday, 18 July 2011

Mori Girl

What's my favourite thing about Japanese culture, besides their AMAZING
animated films? 

Their massive array of fashion subcultures and trends ^.^
Mori Girl

is my new fashion heart throb. And what a great style to draw inspiration from
with spring on it's way! Okay, so what exactly is "mori girl?"

Mori Girl is a style that has taken Tokyo by storm in the last 2 - 3 years.
"MORI" means Forest in Japanese, and it is easy to see why this name describes 
the style. The idea behind it is that the girl is meant to look as if she climbed into
her grandmothers attic, found all of her frilly, lacey, romantic beautiful old clothing and wore
it into the woods, emerging some time later with everything looking even older 
and slightly raggedy and torn. It is about layering aged lace, crochet, soft knits to create
a warm, sweet natural feminine look that is slightly rough around the edges...

It is a beautiful mess that lies somewhere between The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland.

Mori is MORE than just a style to some. It includes activities such as knitting,
tea parties in the woods, drawing, old fashioned cameras and photography and not to forget
accessories that tell stories - dainty pearl rings, pocket watches, woven bags, little hats, lockets and 
of course flowers in your hair!

Want to be one? Here's how:





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  1. I'm loving your blog so far :D I'm fascinated by japanese culture as well (mostly harajuku fashion, lolita etc..) but I haven't heard of mori girl before. It's so cute! :)


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