Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jane Marple

with spring on the way I am constantly looking
for new style inspiration, and together with my absolute love
for anything cute and asian, i have come across the most 
amazingly, conceptually beautiful fashion lable:

Since the website, which you will find here, is only partially
in english, i was unable to find out if this lable is in fact
named after the popular character Miss Marple, from
Agatha Christie's crime novels, however the style pretty much
reflects that idea...

Over here you will see our
leading lady

Miss Jane Marple

(actress: Joan Hickson)


 and so in a nutshell, the style? Miss Marple slash Jessica Fletcher Granny Core?
i'm not entirely sure how to describe it, either way 
i want i want i want! 

so on to the website:



as you can see, careful detail has been taken into 
creating a visually gorgeously yummy website! every little
detail has been taken into consideration. yes, a little difficult to navigate
due to language barriers, however what a great
place to visit for inspiration! really, wow.

after you've browsed around the site, go take a look at the 
garments in a bit more detail (as well as delicious accessories)
over here at their online shop!


granny core FTW!



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