Thursday, 14 July 2011

Zara is coming to SA!!

yes! it is official 
(but only really relevant to the few of you who are able to get your ass to Sandton City...)
Zara will be opening a store in South Africa sometime during the second half of 2011

one of my favorite international stores, Zara's style is elegant and sophisticated yet playful and light,
and is quoted on the Index Group's site as "The latest trends, consistent high quality, and affordable prices"

so it seems that the people from the Inditex group (a large international fashion retailer) figures
that our country is perfect for Zara, as we South African's are "sensitive to fashion trends" 
[hells yes!] 
and see SA as a place for great future growth.... Mmm
will this spark other awesome international brands to come 
here too? we'll have to see...

In the mean time check out the Zara site and if you can, go go go to the store and let me know
what you think! Next time im in the area i'll be gunning for it straight from the airport ;)

beautiful <3

1 comment:

  1. Cool! I love Zara :)

    Just followed your blog,
    please follow me back!


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