Tuesday, 19 July 2011

hellothula ...

good morning tuesday people!
since this is mostly a locally (south african) based blog,
i jump at any opportunity to boast about our local talent... my new found being

 Jessica, from port elizabeth, has her own jewellery range which
i think is gorgeous! to quote in her own words:

"Each piece of jewelry by thula is designed, and handmade by myself with craftmanship being the main focus.
Thula jewelry is made with strength & durability in mind, pieces will not bend or buckle over time.

Jessica also does custom orders, so that's also great to keep in mind!**

Her blog, which you can find here is beautifully put together and features
other interesting designs and cute photos! She has also got an Etsy store
to make it easier for people overseas to purchase her treats, which you
can visit over here

below are a few screenshots from her blog of some
of my favs:

 Her rustic yet glam style makes her designs beautifully unique,
and her packaging carries through a prominent "african" hand-made

now all that's left is to visit her blog.....



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